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The price of Sunbrella fabric is related to the intricacy of the weave, not durability. Approximately 100 Sunbrella fabrics have no upcharge... However, most prints/designs and coarse weaves can result in a significant upcharge (click above link to see potential upgrade charges)
Sunbrella has added over 200 fabrics lately. Most are higher end involving significant upcharges ranging from 50-70%. Focus on: "Elements", "Fusion" and "Icon" Collections, because other collections may be targeted for European distribution or may not be appropriate for outdoor upholstery. Sunbrella has released fabrics faster than we can price them, so call (909) 758-6179 if pricing of new fabrics is not posted.
Is found in the "Elements" Collection.
Search for: "Canvas", "Spectrum", "Cast", & "Stripe" Series.
GOOD NEWS: We can use any of the Sunbrella fabrics shown on
(North America Upholstery).

BAD NEWS: If not shown on Sunbrella's official website... WE DON'T USE IT.
Make sure the fabric is not an "exclusive" - Subject to high end retail pricing by the holder of exclusive rights
Sunbrella does not grade fabric -- all upholstery fabrics carry a 5 year warranty regardless of price. Grades are assigned by sellers. Upgrade charges frequently depend on the base price of a cushion. If the base price is inflated, then the upcharge could be less than our price. We do not inflate the base price of our cushions.
OUR UPGRADES: Depend on actual cost of the fabric. We stock approximately 200 Sunbrella fabrics (by the bolt). We bring in remaining fabrics via yardage and upcharges are reflecetd as percent increases.
Example: A $100 cushion in Heather Beige Sunbrella, becomes a $160 cushion in Hoopla (60% upcharge).... Percent upcharge may be LESS during peak season when we stock more fabrics by the BOLT direct from Sunbrella®. Upcharges are maximums.

DO NOT get so involved with fabric selection, that you do not concentrate on proper frame/cushion.
Most customer mistakes involve misidentification of a frame or series
(Examples: calling a loveseat a settee, a lounge chair, an arm chair (with Brown-Jordan),...
or a chaise lounge a lounge chair.

Do not assume that all frames/cushions on the same collection are the same... We can show you hundreds of variations over the years on particular brands -- That's why we talk with every customer to prevent potential mistakes.

Ignore Frame/Fit & you may end up with some gorgeous WRONG CUSHIONS!

Fabric Samples

We hesitate to mail samples in peak season due to delay. We overbook every year -- A one week delay can impact your delivery time by 4 weeks (we often book a months' production in a week, during peak season). We mail 5 samples free -- if we have them, but we only send samples of fabrics we stock...
Call 909.758.6179 before requesting samples.
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