Focusing on replacement cushions for O.W. Lee, Brown Jordan, Hanamint, Mallin & Custom Sunbrella Cushions made to LAST!

Custom outdoor cushions and replacement outdoor cushions start with Sunbrella® fabric. Yet quality outdoor cushions go beyond Sunbrella® outdoor cushion material.

Your highest priced outdoor cushions are not always the best. During our 30 years in business, we've always taken the time to point out quality features, so here goes....


Quality goes beyond fabric & fit!
Most customers focus on fabric selection and fit. Foundation and construction of an outdoor cushion should never be ignored. You don't put expensive carpet on a cheap pad. You don't put sunbrella fabric on cheap fill material. Moreover, you don't sew an outdoor cushion like a sack of potatoes.

Most websites focus on fabric selection and dimensions -- Quality outdoor cushions involve:
• Will my outdoor cushion be comfortable?
• Will my outdoor cushion last?
• Will my outdoor cushion look good / professional?


Quality upgrades involve Sew Pattern, Specialty Fabrics, Removable (hidden) Ties, Reticulated Foam, Piping (cording), Better Foam, Thicker Cushions,
Gore Lifetime Thread, Firmness Options, Headrests, Buttons,

Many of these options are already included in our general pricing.

See options on the order form.

How do you know that the outdoor cushion you're ordering won't be "rock hard" or marshmallow soft? A comfortable outdoor cushion has multi-layers of high density outdoor foam with a final wrap of fiber. Cumulus fill (alone) can be very hard if it's going to provide adequate support. Cheap foam (alone) will feel "spongy", absorb water and "bottom-out". The proper combination of high density foam & fiber will provide the firmness/comfort level you desire. We offer 5 options.

Multi layer foam provides reflex so your outdoor cushion will hold its shape for years. Cumulus fill breaks down/sags over time. Don't settle for anything less than high density outdoor foam.
More specifically, there are grades of foam and fiber. The generic term, "Outdoor Foam" can be highly misleading. High end manufactureres use 1.9 High Density / HR 28 High Resiliency foam. Most online sites use foam "light-years" below this quality. Manufacturers, such as Tropitone, use High Density / Quality Fiber. Putting the word "Plush" with fiber/cumulus fill, doesn't make it plush. We use quality fill material, (1.9 / HR 28 foam & densified fiber)... not JUNK.

Sew pattern is a critical quality factor. Look at the cushions of a quality outdoor furniture manufacturer such as: (click here). Notice that most of their outdoor cushions are bullnose. Bullnose uses a continuous piece of fabric for top and bottom of seat. (No seams @ front to break or tear). We prefer this pattern and don't upcharge for it. We do upcharge for box & welt because more labor is involved (because a box cushion has more seams). Box & welt (Double Piping) is a stylistic factor, not a quality factor. Finally, quality thread must be used. Our thread is made in USA. Over the years, we've re-sewn hundreds of Sunbrella® cushions where another cushion manufacturer used imported thread. These cushions usually "fall apart" in less than 2 years. Your "factory cushion" may have been imported. Most so-called "high-end" furniture is now made in China. Made in USA should mean BETTER. We may make improvement suggestions -- you decide.

Quality is never cheap. Shopping online for outdoor cushions should save you money -- unless quality standards are subordinated. We don't use superlatives to describe our quality. We simply set the standard & invite you to go shopping/compare.

We guarantee the lowest price for the same quality standards -- that's value. You can easily find higher prices on-line. Ironically, you're frequently paying more money for mediocre quality. Sometimes you don't get what you pay for.

Customer Request: "Steamer Chair" Cushions for Cruise Ship Line
• Withstand Salt Air, Blazing Sun • Sunbrella Fabric
• Drain/Dry Out Fast • Sta-Dry Liner
• Extremely Durable • Bullnose Sew Pattern • Premium UV Thread
• Stay Cool in Sun • Lighter Color Fabric; Add Fiber for Airation
• Hide Stains • Use Stripe; Not Solid Fabric (Sunbrella® is stain resistant)
• Reduce Replacement Costs • Make 2 Piece (not-hinged) • Replace One; Keep Other
• Ultimate Comfort • Multi Layer Foam, Dacron Wrap; Add Headrest / Pillow

There are pros & cons to cushion upgrades
1) Fast Dry (Reticulated) Foam lets water drain, but Sunbrella fabric underneath traps water...
2) Screens (Underneath) Let water out but now you cannot reverse cushion & prolong its life
3) Sta Dry Liners eliminate the need for reticulated foam -- But when done wrong, promote mildew
4) Memory Foam Inserts provide reflex to hold cushion shape, but if they get wet, become a sponge
5) Zippers encourage customers to machine wash fabric which diminishes waterproofing
6) UV Resistant Thread has no drawbacks except cost -- seams should last as long as the fabric
Bottom line is online sources either ignore quality features or do not offer the proper combination of upgrades suited to particular climates. High end upgrades can be pointless improvements... "tales told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing".


Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Outdoor replacement cushions for O.W. Lee
Outdoor replacement cushions for Brown-Jordan
Outdoor replacement cushions for Hanamint
Outdoor replacement cushions for Mallin
Outdoor replacement cushions for Tropitone

Custom Outdoor Cushions featuring Sunbrella:

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Make sure you're getting the selection & quality you deserve.
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If we aren't sure a cushion will fit, we won't make it.


Customers received... Replacement Outdoor Cushions for: Hanamint, O.W. Lee & Brown-Jordan, Custom Outdoor Cushions for Custom Made Furniture and Replacement Outdoor Cushions for various brands:


RE: O.W. Lee
"To all of California Dreamin' - Cushions USA"
Your manner of doing business "blew me away". You wouldn't accept my money, until you were sure we had everything right. Then you didn't run my card until cushions were in production. I received the cushions sooner than promised and they were AWESOME! That beats the hell out of "Obama Care". Where do I find the planet you live on.
Newport Beach, CA

RE: Tropitone
I love my new cushions!!! They fit my Tropitone furniture perfectly! You saved me hundreds of dollars for a superior product!! Thank you for working so diligently with me to get them perfect.
Vickie H.
Bakersfield, CA

RE: Mallin Atlantis
Dear Wayne-Thank you very much for expediting and getting our cushion order on time to us for our incoming guests. I really appreciate your thoroughness and insistence on rechecking measurements as the cushions not only look amazing but fit perfectly. Not only that, but you were a pleasure to work with! I will definitely forward your website to any freinds looking for new cushions.
Kim W.
Hidden Hills, CA

"Cushions arrived, look great! I am very happy with the work you have done for me [cushions are BETTER than originals on a high end collection]. I look forward to receiving the new accent pillows I just ordered.
Cindy M.
Bel Air, CA

My O.W. Lee replacement cushions arrived 2 weeks early. They are made very well and look just great. I think they're more comfortable than the originals. I wish everyone ran their business like you.
Linda B.
Long Beach, CA

The cushions arrived yesterday. They look great! The only problem is that arrived 5 days early. Glad you discovered I had reticulated foam, no one else even talked about it. You have me as a customer for life. Thanks again,
John J.
Dallas, TX

I was amazed at how much better looking and more comfortable your cushions were than originals. I was hesistant to order because your prices are so much lower than other [High-end brand deleted] sources. "Guess some folks just aren't happy unless they get hosed."
Great cushions, Great prices, Great service. Thanks again, 
Boca Raton, FL.

The cushions arrived sooner than expected and in excellent shape. I am very impressed by your products and especially the time you took with me to explain options and make sure the order was perfect. I am 100% satisfied.
Corky S.
Chandler, AZ

My cushions just arrived and they are wonderful!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work and it's amazing how fast they got here from California. They all fit perfectly, like they were custom made (better than the manufacturer) Ha! Ha!
Much Appreciation
Madonna W.
Indianapolis, IN

"Thanks for exceeding your promise -- got the cushions in time for my party, even though you said you couldn't guarantee it during peak season -- good to know somebody still cares -- Very pleased with cushions & service."
Cora M.
Encino, CA

Cushions are wonderfull!! I'm going to recommend California Dreamin' (cushions-usa) to everyone.
Cathy M.
Granada Hills, CA

Thanks Kim, I love my new cushions. They are far better than the original cushions that came with my [brand deleted] outdoor furniture and these look so much better! I appreciate the help and guidance you gave me when ordering and the expediency in getting my order to me, because they arrived in time for my birthday! I will definitely be recommending your company. Thanks again!
Pam R.
Lenexia, KS

Hi Wayne - after seeing my cushions, the homeowners association wants to order for all the outdoor furniture. That's a BIG order -- Quality pays. Will be talking with you soon.
Ted R.
Park City, Utah

RE: Hanamint Grand Tuscany
The cushions look great. These are much, much nicer than the originals. Like the way the ties work because they can be tied underneath the chair.
Thanks so much,
Maria H.
Freehold, NJ

The cushions arrived today and look great & fit perfectly. Thanks for all the trouble you took to make certain they would be just what we wanted.
Jane R.
El Cajon, CA

RE: Hanamint
We received cushions end of last week. Thank you, we love them! The cushion is exactly what I wanted. The original cushion does not hold a candle to yours. There is no comparison at all. I am sure we will be in touch when I need more items but for now, thank you again.
Linda B.
Messapequa Park, NY

RE: Brown Jordan
We had a beautiful day in La Jolla yesterday and put all the cushions outside and tested them out. WOW!! am thrilled with the look. The cushions are perfect.
Tiffany C.
La Jolla, CA

RE: Mallin
The replacement cushions are as comfortable as the originals. We are pleased with the cushions and your customer service. Thanks again
Murray F.
Austin, TX

Thank you for the excellent service, excellent quality and excellent price!!! Where else would you have so many custom choices on styles and fabric? I have recommended and will continue to recommend you to anyone who is looking to purchase outdoor furniture cushions. So glad I found this company!!!
Susan S.
Chesapeake, VA

I received my cushions today. They are perfect, just like I thought they'd be. Workmanship looks great. Special thanks to Wayne for all his time in making sure I ordered these the way that I would really like them.
Ventura, CA

They look great. I shall post rave reviews for you all over.
Jay K.
Las Vegas, NV

Look great Wayne! Thanks again!
Gregg T.
San Jose, CA

Thanks for the great cushions.
Wilton Manors, FL

I am extremely happy with my cushions. They are very comfortable and well made. There is a small problem... the velcro straps are not long enough. I would appreciate you making 16 new ones - longer.
Karen B. (Demarest, NJ)
No problem, no charge. Aren't you glad we did removeable ties, Kim.

We have operated without an official warranty/return policy for over 30 years. We never had a complaint department because we seldom received any... (see testimonials).
However we have noticed a trend in recent years... when something goes wrong (we're not perfect) several customers feel it is their right to become verbally abusive.... Without proper experience and training in "complaint procedure" [like the utility companies practice...] we found that when insulted, it is hard to tolerate verbal abuse [reminds us of a sign in our favorite restaurant in Bishop, CA... "Our waitresses can go from 0 to 'bitch' in 3.5 seconds"]

In order to preclude such behavior -- current policy is... any complaint/remedies will be handled by EMAIL EXCLUSIVELY as a matter of public record -- no prolonged phone conversations... If you feel compelled to call, just calmly describe what is wrong -- keep it factual -- and we will respond by documented email.
Any defects in craftsmanship are clearly our fault. In such event, we generally remake cushions at no charge to the customer. Poor tailoring or fit can generally be recognized immediately by the customer... report promptly -- within 30 days. We may request return of cushions (at our expense) on issues such as, failing to install ties, buttons, piping, or when we need cushions for comparison (too thick, too soft, too firm...) Material defects are an entirely different matter. Suppliers issue and honor material warranties (example: Sunbrella®) and reserve the right to inspect questionable
fabric / material.
Sunbrella® issues & honors a 5 year warranty on fabric (see, upholstery).
All orders will conform to specifications & industrial standards.
Orders shipped NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED - FedEx tracking constitutes proof of delivery.
Sunbrella® Fabric involves a 5 year warranty (see Cushions involving warranty issues will be returned at our expense.
Any production errors should be reported promptly - - Cushions themselves will be repaired or replaced for a period of one year.

Under no circumstances will customer issue a credit card charge back without returning cushions - - We regard this as "theft" & will pursue civil litigation - - All legal disputes adjudicated under California Venue, San Bernardino County.





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